A Program of Therapy is an Integral Component of Recovery

  • Individually tailored to meet his/her needs
  • Using the most current therapeutic techniques and interventions.
  • A “whole life” approach

The Whole Life Approach

  • Focus on employment/education
  • Focus on mending relationships with loved ones
  • Focus on financial recovery
  • Individualized focus on any other aspect of everyday life that addiction negatively affects

To Ensure the Highest Quality of Treatment for Our Clients, MTC Works Closely with Outside Professionals

  • Referral Sources
  • Community
  • Employers
  • Physicians
  • Therapists
  • The Legal System
  • Any Other Agency or Professional Needed

Michigan Therapeutic Consultants is Like a Case Manager

  • MTC will monitor and track client's progress throughout their entire treatment program.
  • MTC will make all referrals that are identified in the assessment and treatment process that may be outside the scope of our services.
  • MTC will meet all court-required progress reporting in the required format.

MTC performs random drug testing and prescribed methadone medication as an adjunct to therapy.